Musical Mind Map

Greetings. I am in my early stages as a composer. I consider my musical influences to be Bach, Messiaen, Monteverdi (early music in general,) Schoenberg, Hindemith, Stravinsky, Mozart, Glass and the like. I'm currently studying music performance with Mathias Tacke of the Vermeer Quartet along with compositional studies.

13 Αυγούστου 2006


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A doleful harangue indeed!

I was invited to the masque, yet in attending, my indolence for the whole ordeal will manifest itself at the bar.

"Minucius Felix? In May?" The lemuralia of the best man caused his him to howl in terror.

Hinc prima mali labes (?)

To give a student nothing but etudes is to stultify the art latent within.

To be a gnostic of the violin, is to know grace.

The judge order him out of the room, excathedra, as I took my eyes of my brother of sorrows, his lawyer, in prosession as a heirophant, secretly signed me, "It is going as planned, all is well."

The white-eyed prytane gave the beseecher his request.