Musical Mind Map

Greetings. I am in my early stages as a composer. I consider my musical influences to be Bach, Messiaen, Monteverdi (early music in general,) Schoenberg, Hindemith, Stravinsky, Mozart, Glass and the like. I'm currently studying music performance with Mathias Tacke of the Vermeer Quartet along with compositional studies.

17 Αυγούστου 2006

Interpretive Community

  1. The Mentor had dark-tressed hair.
  2. They moored at the sight of shore making haste to the halyards, pulling on them with great vigor.
  3. The bed sheets were furled and centered on the mattress.
  4. Is the sail square? It must be the leech.
  5. Ipdid was known for his importunes, especially about incoming mail, whether or not Lipsy had written him, but no one said anything to the poor waif, who appeared not to be aware that he was in an alley not at the dormitory in Yorkshire.
  6. Mildred was subborned to commit perjury to the tune of $400,000!
  7. You knave! The tube of chapstick was but sixty cents!
  8. You bring with you a greivous augury which cannot be underestimated.
  9. The dotard had no fear of perdition, he stared at Heark Grovven with his peircing blue eyes,
  10. I think Willaert to trow in my favor. My soup dish will assure him indeed!
  11. The panacae was simple: three drops of prune juice brought peace to Gooperton.
  12. Idle makes of time addle stench!

Dithyrambs: sung to Dionysus, the god of wine, but more so emotion. OCD
melos: music as performing art
Strabo: Geographica
Pythic nomos written by Timosthenes, admiral of Ptolemy II. OCD
angkrousis- prelude
ampiera- initial onslought
katakeleusmos-the contest itself
iamboi (insults,hymns) and daktyloi-victory song
syringes- death of monster (contest between Apollos and monster)
melic: poem to be sung

Paul Hindemith 1895-1963